Monday, September 20, 2021

Annual Birthday Sale

As we approach October it is time for my annual birthday sale. To take advantage of the sale, simply use the code "Birthday2021" on my Payhip store for 51% off anything in the store. ( You can take a guess at which birthday it is for me. Readers of this blog get notice of the sale before anyone else. I'll post this elsewhere on October 1st.

Still working on the War of Jenkin's Ear book. Things are going well. Spent time over the weekend to make a large river. It is basically a painted sheet of clear plastic. It was an attempt to wet blend paint to give the appearance of depth. That was largely a failure. There are places where the white paint failed to mix properly with the the Burnt Umber leaving white streaks near the banks. I will likely try to hide that with some terrain or something. Still it should be servicable.

I have prepped two bases for some more trees. I will try to base coat these today. With those two done, that leaves me with four more tree bases left. I found a slightly larger balsa dowel that I like better for the tree trunks. I am using it for the newer tree bases. I find they are easier to drill out than the smaller diameter dowels.

For the naval portion, I finished painting a Galiot. I am having four more of them printed and hope to pick those up this week. I did not put yards on this model. I added the forward canopy with a strip of paper.

I also have several other ships that are being printed that should wrap up the fleets. The only major gap is with 10 gun brigs. The scanrios call for a total of 5 of these vessels. I have one hull completed from a War Artisan kit that I never finished. It is kit 013 for those interested. The kit is nice in that it comes with two color schemes that you can build which gives some differentiation to the models. I printed out some additional models to round that gap out.

I have a few more Indians on the painting table but none are really critical. Three more figures to carry storming ladders and the canoe crews are left. I have other nice to haves out as well. These include six dead British Troops and a gun crew. None are really necessary for the book but ended up in my cart during one of my online shopping trips.

That is it for the day. Enjoy

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