Saturday, September 18, 2021

Editing, Playtests and Ships

I am having several more ships printed for the supplement by a friend with a resin 3D Printer. My printer is still not acting properly. It prints up to the 15% point then decides to stop feeding filament. No idea what is going on. Will reach back out to the Anycubic facebook group later today.

I have most of the ships that I need for the game. What I lack are some 10 gun brigs. Larger ones can be found on-line as STL files, but for the 10 gun variety, War Artisan is the place to shop. I purchased his ship (013) a long time ago. Will be printing out the models on Card stock and making a few more. They are time consuming but don't have to be painted.

I set up the table and had a game with my son. This Indians rushed forward with a lucky run of cards and drew first bloob by killing some civilians. This should give you an indication of how well this went for me.

Anyway, I have been happy with the progress this weekend.

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