Friday, May 25, 2018

Things From the Basement - Russian Village

I took a few minutes to work on some of the buildings. Thus far I have done the blacksmith's forge and shed and the Farm Buildings pack. The farm buildings come with a small house, a barn, an outhouse and a well. The buildings are fantastic. The barn has a small ladder that leads up to the roof entry. The window shutters and door frames are additional items to be glued on that add nice details to the buildings. They include some strips of card for the corners of the buildings to add more detail. The roof is still a flat MDF roof that can be easily modified to make it look better.

They have been a joy to build. The pieces go together well. They come on a base which makes it difficult to use my MicroMark magnetic assembly tool to keep stuff straight but it is built so well, it is not needed. I just need to take the time to paint these up.

I am planning on taking on one of the larger buildings next. All told, this has been a great buy. I hope Things From the Basement will do more 15mm offerings in the future.

Update: Here is what I have completed so far.

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