Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Toys - Gaming Models

Gaming Models

The more I get of the Gaming Models products, the more I like them. My most recent order included 1x T-35, 3x BT-5, 4x T-20 tractors, 3x 45mm ATG and 3x T-26 w/37mm gun. These were a few items I needed to fill out the missing gaps in my Chain of Command supports for my 1941 and 1942 Soviets.

I also ordered some of his blowout packs. These are models that were not quite up to standard when they came out of the mold. I picked up a pack of each, T-34, BT-7, T-26, Panzer II, Panzer III and Panzer IV. I plan on using these for battlefield wrecks. The only disadvantage to these are that you can't specify which version of the tank you get. So my order arrived with much of it being late war kit (with the exception of the BT-7s and T-26s which are only Early War).

Honestly, the wrecks are in good enough shape that it would not take much modification to make them into regular tanks for your tabletop. The most noticable issue with them is that the post under the turret is missing. One could easily be fashioned for them. I am very pleased with this order and will be making another shortly for some more T-26s (need some twin turret types) and for an SDKFZ 232 8 Rad (he said this is under development now).

The price is definitely right on these models. They lack some variety that other manufacturers may have but you can always add your own stowage.

Things from the Basement

Having read a review of their 15mm Russian buildings from VisLardica's website, I had the urge to order their village set. I had some book royalties laying around and used it to buy the buildings. Everything arrived well packed and in great shape. He threw in a freebie as well, a nice freight pallet. The village pack came with some nice additional buildings. A blacksmith shop and tool shed, two farm outbuildings and a well, two log cabins, two houses and a church make up the pack.

I have yet to assemble any of it, yet. I may take some time tomorrow to get to work on a few of these just to see how they look. I now have enough terrain projects to tie me up for a while now. All of these will be useful for the Second Kharkov campaign. I really hope that he makes more 15mm items. He sells some 28mm kits that look really nice.

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