Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Well, I have just a bit more painting to do and I can finish out the pictures for the new version of This Land Divided. I managed to undercoat the block house that I need and started work on a palisade wall. I have cut enough sticks to make a palisade a whole 3 inches long. It is taking far more time than anticipated.

Given this, the logical thing to do is work on my Chain of Command Soviet forces for the Second Battle of Kharkov, right? Ugh, I have no focus. Anyway, I did a good inventory of my Soviet forces. With the last order I placed with Gaming Models, I have the anti-tank guns I need for my Soviets now. Probably more than I really need. Since I got just the guns, I need to get crews. Looking through my cabinets, I found two packs of Soviet ATG crews from FOW. Perfect except that they come in groups of 4 instead of 5 and one of the four is the leader. So I need two extra troops for each team. The plan is to make a base with the crew on it and leave the ATG's loose. That way I can use the crews for any of the guns that I have that are not already based. Seems like a good solution now. But it's still early in the day.

In terms of Armor, I am doing pretty good on that front. I have most of what I need from the support lists. I don't have some of the odd ones like a T35 but that is easily remedied by an order to Gaming Models or Wargame Models of Ohio. Both are great companies to work with that really make it easy to get tanks on the table. They come pre-painted (not the best in the world but OK). For about $5/tank, you can get a game of What a Tanker going very reasonably. While I like Old Glory and FOW vehicles more, as I think the detail is better, you just can't beat the price from these two places.

And so, while working on this, Jon Y made a post on Twitter that sent me off in another direction and cost me a bunch of money on Amazon. I ordered the Dubno 1941 book by Aleksei Isaev. I have a couple of other books on this battle that formed the basis for the Ustilug supplement. If I ever finish with the Second Battle of Kharkov book, I will probably work on that one with some of the larger tank battles. That could prove to be interesting.

I will take stock of my Germans this afternoon at some point. First I want to see if I have enough miniatures to pull off a Scout Squad as a soviet support. I know I nearly have enough miniatures painted up.

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