Friday, February 12, 2016

Update on the new figures

Here are the post Apocalyptic figures that I got.

First up is an odd looking group. It is count Dracula and his four deaths. In front of them are six creatures with really big guns.

Next up is a biker gang. Honestly, I really like these guys. They match with what i found in Rebel Miniatures offerings.

Then there is a group of punk rockers with weapons. Nothing says a Dead Kennedy's concert like axes and automatic weapons.

Now we have a group of Indiana Jones head hunters. I am not sure who these guys are supposed to be.

Then we have a group of police that were called in about the apparent homicide committed by the guys above.

This group must be the Popular Peoples Front for the Liberation of Popular People. Or just a generic badguy group.

Lastly we have some members of the NRA because, well, we like to shoot.

Anyway, these are the figures that came with the cowboys. There is some fun stuff in there. I just can't figure out what to use it for. If I played Zombie games, there is a bunch of useful stuff there.

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