Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Toys - The Hotel

I got around to opening my hotel. Reycast from Poland has done a great job with this. It is a very nice looking building.

The pieces were wrapped up with saran wrap and in a nice bubble wrapped package. Once the saran wrap was removed, the pieces were very nicely cut. There are a few parts that need some sanding. Also some of the balcony railings need to be trimmed to fit. But it is still very nice.

Just looking at the pieces, I was kind of lost. I looked at the pictures from the auction and started to fool with it.

The roof was not that hard to figure out.

The ground and second floors came together quite nicely. As you can see, there is plenty of room inside each floor. There is dividers to provide three rooms per floor.

This is the top floor. I am not certain that I am sold on the giant balcony. I am wondering if I made that the second floor instead, it might look better as it would provide the cover to the entryway. So at this point in time, I now have 10 MDF buildings to complete and only 1 that I have finished. I need to find time to work on them.


  1. It really does look a fine mdf kit.
    One possibility with the larger balcony is to cut it down in the depth, so that it protrudes out from the building at the same distance as the other two balconies.

  2. Hey, you're blogging again! Well done you.
    What scale is this? It looks good.

    1. Been trying. Almost everything I do is 15mm and this is no exception. Trying to get some urban terrain for an East Front game.