Friday, February 26, 2016

Reassessing My Figures for Sharp Practice

As Sharp Practice 2 gets closer to being released, I decided to head over to the shelves and see what was lurking inside. I started with my Napoleonics. It has been forever since these have seen the light of day. Honestly, I was in better shape than I realized. I had purchased a slew of figures over time looking to do something impossible, make a 1 to 1 Battalion for both my British and my French. I remember painting night after night in an attempt to make it happen. I did not even come close. But, I have a good set of troops that are ready to go.

French Legere Battalion

I probably have the most figures painted for the French than anyone else. A historical unit at paper strength has:
4x Chasseur Companies of 70 to 140 men.

1x Voltigeur Company of 70 to 140 men.

1x Carabinier Company of 70 to 140 men.

Each company was composed of a Captain, 2 Lieutenants, a Sergeant-major, 4 Sergeants, a Furrier, 8 Corporals, 2 or 3 Drummers and 121 privates. On top of this was a color party of an eagle bearer, two sergeants with halbeards and 6 to 9 Sappeurs. It was commanded by a Chef d'bataillon (mounted), an Adjudant-Major (rank of captain), a Sous-Adjudant-Major ( rank of lieutenant), a Adjudant Sous-officer (a senior NCO), and a Drum Corporal.

So, what do I have ready? Well I have a full company of Chasseurs (the line company of the Legere (light) battalion. I have 72 men, four sergeants (two with fannions), two drummers, a trumpeter, two lieutenants and a captain.

I will apologize in advance for the pictures. I am working at night and am trying not to wake my family while I play with my toys. Thus, the lighting is terrible.

You can just make out the fannions in the picture. But that is only one company out of four. Well, I have the makings of more. I found two more painted officers waiting to be based. I also have fourteen men on painting sticks and two sergeants there as well. I also have a bugler among the waiting to be painted. I have a ziploc full of more miniatures to paint. I just might have enough to finish out two more companies if I get to it.

So for my grand plan of an entire battalion, well, that has fallen a bit short. I only have a single group of Carabiniers. There are nine of these brave men who are lead by a sergeant (the fellow next to the large rock). But I do have more of these fellows. Apparently, I had bought a big bag of them from Old Glory at some point. There has to be atleast 50 left in the bag. At the moment, I have 22 of them on Painting sticks. I also found a painting stick with two painted drummers and an officer for them. So if I ever break out the brushes, the Caribiners are sorted.

What about Voltigeurs? Well, they are not even basecoated. I have a whole 8 voltigeurs, plus two officers and a pair of drummers. Time to go back to AB miniatures and shop it seems.

What about the command staff. Well, I have one mounted officer painted and ready to go. I have a second mounted officer on a painting stick with a fellow that looks like an ADC. I also have my eagle bearer and sergeants all painted up.

The figures are better than my sorry photograph shows. These will be joined by three sappers that I have on a painting stick along with a drum major. These have not even been undercoated. But since I only have one company painted, it really does not matter.

But what Rich has mentioned is the supports that your base force can obtain. Well, I have a bit of kit. First I have a cannon with a four man crew. Yikes, this picture is awful.

But what about cavalry? Yes, I have some. I have 22 Chasseurs with a trumpeter, an officer and a standard bearer. They are complete but need their bases finished. Very nice minis that can be table ready in about an hours work plus drying time.

Given Rich's article, I am assuming that a base force is six groups of figures. Five groups of "line" troops (8 figures) and one of skirmishers (6 figures). Based on this, I have what I need for my French. What I don't have is my troops based very well for this. The French are too spread out. I can't really make groups of eight out of them as they are three to a base. It does work well to have them in groups of 9 as I can do their formations properly. Plenty of choices of big men are available. I will just have to work around this for the time being. I would love sabot bases but I would have to make them and rebase everyone. Yuck!

The British

My British are a generic light company. I have 60 men painted that are based in twos. I have another four that are at 80% complete. I have three sergeants for them and two officers. I'll do photos of them another night.

In terms of additional troops for the British, well they are out of luck. I have about half of a line company on painting sticks (36 men, 7 sergeants, two drummers and two sappers). I also have four officers, two drummers and a sergeant painted as well. For battalion staff, I have a mounted officer and a pair of standard bearers. I need to do some shopping. I have earmarked some British troops for my next pass through ebay.

What I lack is support option. I don't have any artillery for the British nor any cavalry. In terms of a base force, I have that with my light infantry company. I really would like to have some center company troops and then rebase some light company fellows to be individually based for skirmishing. But at this point, it works.


One thing I don't have yet is carts and baggage animals. I want a mule team. I think I have a generic cart somewhere that I can use. All I know is this, Sharp Practice is distracting me from finishing my terrain that I need to get done.

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