Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More Paper Terrain

I managed to build some more Eric Hotz Paper Terrain buildings. I must say, I really like these. So far, I have a Saloon (tent with false front), a Livery Stable, a bank, a sheriff's office, a shack, a blacksmith, a privy, a double privy and a pair of sheds. Even with my butter fingers I have managed to put these together with little issues.

And the saloon:

The one thing about these is that they would be WAY less fiddly in a larger scale than 15mm. But they came together quickly and look pretty good. I have enough scenery now for my game this weekend. There are still a number of buildings that I want to make. I just need to cut them out and apply the glue.


  1. Thank you. They are actually fun to put together. I think I have all of his buildings now. I emailed him and he is coming out with new buildings in April. From his e-mail, "I have plans to enlarge the Whitewash City by 10 more building models and am working on these now for an April release date."

    No notes on what they are yet but he did hint that mining buildings, Indian buildings are on his to do list.