Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Need some help Identifying tanks

I have been working on my tanks that I received from my Santa Clause. They are five really nice M4A2 tanks from Plastic Soldier Company. They are proving to be a bit fiddly to assemble. But they seem OK.

I assembled and put a base coat on one so far. I am going to do two of them as US vehicles and three as lend lease Soviet tanks for late war.

With the one I was working on, I got curious and wondered what the rest of my US armor looked like. Well, I have no idea of what I have. A bunch of shermans and two other types. Can y'all help me figure out what I have?

First picture:

And the next Set:

Thanks for your help.

Now, i did get in my brand new Khtz-16 self propelled guns. Craig over at Gaming Models did a terrific job on these.

I really like these and hope to have them on a table pretty soon.


  1. I'm no expert...

    first picture - definitely look like M10. only other tank destroyers I know of are M18 and M36. the M36 shared a Sherman chassis I believe.
    second picture - bottom right: M5 light tanks? the black undercoated tank isn't showing very well, but it looks smaller than the Shermans, so maybe a M24 Chaffee?

    if you're really stuck I can put the photos on the Pendraken Miniatures forum and ask, as there's a load of tank enthusiasts on there.

    1. Less stuck and more wondering what I have. I am better at other nation's armor. You may be right about the Chaffee. I got one from someone a while back and only undercoated it.

  2. As Roy said, I am also no expert but here are my ill informed thoughts.
    First Picture - M4A3(76), M10, M4A3(76)HVSS or M4A3E8
    Second Picture left to right top - M4A2 or M4A4, M4A1. Bottom - M24(I think, it's hard to see), M4A3(76)later turret, M4A1, M5

    Hope they help and again they are not definate, just my best guess. This website may help