Friday, January 15, 2016

Messing About with Terrain

I have not managed to do much. But I am happy with what I have done.

First off is the first of the Impudent Mortal buildings. I managed to glue one together. It is fairly basic at this point but that is OK. I am liking it so far. I also purchased one of the two packs of windows and doors from Game Craft Miniatures. In the picture below you can see where I have placed the door and window against the house to figure out sizing.

I am not sure I like the doors. The pack also comes with shutters for the windows. I may experiment with adding some shutters to the thing to see if that looks any better. As it stands right now, I think I will be making my own.

Next up was a three story building from Game Craft Miniatures. Overall, I like the building. You have to buy each floor separately and that allows you to make as large or small of a building as you would like. Thus far, It is good. I have glued together everything but the roof.

Each floor is not glued together so I can lift it apart and put figures inside. Now since the windows and doors did not fit the Impudent Mortal building, surely they will fit a Game Craft model, right? Nope. They don't fit. I wrote Allen at Game Craft and he said they have a pack just for this building but it is not yet on the website. While disappointing, it is what it is. My main complaint about it is that it looks rather plain.

So I have to work on it.
Idea 1: Add a strip of wood around the entire perimeter of each floor. This will give the building some definition and start to look like an urban building.
Idea 2: Add doors and windows to it. I will buy the Game Craft ones when they come out.
Idea 3: Add a cornice to the top of the building. As to how, I have no idea. May have to run over to hobby lobby and check out the doll house wood cuts. Idea 4: Do something on the corners of the building to make it stand out. (just found out they are called Quoins. I know didly about architecture but I found this site on Google which is helpful.
Idea 5: Add a small structure on the roof that I can use to remove the roof and gain access to the floor underneath.

Anyway, that is the plan for it. I am trying to figure out how to successfully create a board that is non-ruined urban terrain. Also, I am trying to figure out how to make a workable train station for one of my scenarios. The station that I currently have is not up to the task. It is more of a rural station and not something that would be used for a large metropolitan area like Kharkov. I am starting to look into N scale and HO scale buildings and see if I can find something suitable that won't break the bank. TT Scale buildings seem to be very expensive.

I found rail cars that I can get of a Soviet engine and a couple of train cars on Shapeways that are 15mm. They are a much further future purchase.

One last item, I figured out how to "fix" the warehouse that I have. I will experiment over the weekend provided that my honey-do list does not prevent me.


  1. With the house I'd have a look at using balsa or matchsticks to make window sills beneath each window. Also, try a frame around the door - possibly make a door using matchsticks too. May work. If not using matchstick (unglued) won't break the bank :)

    1. I will look into that. That could do what I am looking for.