Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Painting in progress

Low and behold, I managed to wield a paintbrush last night. I have several items on my painting desk that were begging for attention. The east front items unfortunately had to wait. Dux Britanarium seemed to be drawing me. So paint I did. I could not stay focused enough to finish any one thing. Instead, I painted 2 Picts, 3 Britons (the last 3 levy that I needed so the peasant levy can take a rest finally) and 8 Saxon Foederati.

Based on a recommendation by Ray, I decided to use Windsor & Newton Peat Moss Ink in place of Army Painter or furniture polish. I still need to use a matte varnish on these figures but thus far it is promising.

First are the Britons.

The Britons are the two on the left. The one on the right is a Pict leader. These are all Splintered Light Miniatures. I like the Pict leader but I am not too wild about my attempt to paint a striped robe. I will touch up the shields before varnishing.

Next up is my Pict archer. The poor lad appears to be a bit cold.

I kind of like this figure in spite of my poor attempt at painting a plaid.

Lastly are my group of Saxons.

Again, I feel I need to touch up the shields some. I was lost as to what shield design to use for these troops. I wanted to give them more of a uniform appearance since they were to operate as Foederati troops manning the wall.

Anyway, it felt good to be productive. I just acquired some additional terrain pieces from eBay. I found someone selling plank fencing. I picked up 16 sections of plank fencing for under $10.00. I managed to get them washed last night but nothing more. Stay tuned as I will probably try to paint up a test section tonight.


  1. Nice! Are the SLM 15mm figures. Thanks.

    1. Yes they are. I really like the SLM offerings. The archer is an Old Glory casting. It looks pretty good but what the picture hides is the massive size of the miniatures ankle and calf. I guess the warrior is slightly gouty.