Thursday, March 21, 2013

Foray into Cowboys & More CSIR

The TooFatLardies have started a "Lard Approved" initiative to promote new rules writers and give them a chance to publish their rules. One of these is a set of Western Rules that I have signed on to playtest. I have several packs of Peter Pig "Hey, You in the Jail" packs of minis. Not knowing how to paint them, I asked for some advice on the Lead Adventure forum and got some advice and gave it a shot.

Well, my results were mixed. I used the Windsor & Newton inks as recommended by Ray. With that done, I left the to dry last night. I woke early enough that I decided to go ahead and varnish. Well, I forgot the instructions he game me to brush on some varnish first. I went straight to the can of spray matte varnish. The figures came out darker than I hoped they would.

The cowboys are actually the "Bad Bob" figure (figure 19). It comes with a dead, foot and mounted version. I tried to give him a gray suit with a leather vest and white shirt.

The other 2 packs that I have are the "Gunmen with Pistols" (figure 2) and "Posse with Pistols" (figure 5). These are nice minis with 3 variations per pack. I have placed one of each variant on a painting stick. I was going to see how Bad Bob came out first before trying these.

Also I tried to finish out some painted CSIR figures. Again, I used the Windsor & Newton ink and forgot the brush on varnish. They came out darker than intended.

I also had some CV33 tankettes laying around. These came out shiny even after the matt varnish.

I am not sure if I will leave these as is or try to redo them. I paint so slow, I am loathe to redo them. Any suggestions out there to save them?


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    1. Thanks. Not sure what Blogger did in shrinking the pictures the way they did. I guess I will keep them.

  2. If you're having problems with varnish, give Revell matt a go (Matt 2). It's a bit thick, but flat as the proverbial.