Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CSIR Scenario Pack - Progress at last

I had hit a wall with this. I looked for any excuse to work on something else. Anything. But finally I am in a mindset to resume work. Reading through what I had written about the Stalino Campaign of October 1941, I realized that I had skimmed over too much.

Most of the work today has been translating elements of e operazioni delle unita italiane al fronte russo (1941 - 1943) (3rd Edition - 2000). It is a great general reference for the actions of the CSIR. Tomorrow, I hope to go back through my notes from the regimental history of the 80th Roma Regiment. If things go well, I should have the text finished in another week. More importantly, I will have nothing left to work on but the scenarios.

I need to work on a couple of good maps for each of the sections showing the distances that the troops covered largely on foot as they advanced across the Ukraine.

Anyway, it feels good to make progress on a project that has been in progress for 5 years now.

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