Monday, October 29, 2012

Writers Block

Work on the CSIR supplement has ground to a halt in terms of having anything to show for my time spent on it. I am still translating some documents from Italian to English. I was given a source for 1:250,000 scale maps that are period accurate. But other than that, nothing.

Between work and a sick family, little is getting accomplished. But on the bright side, Rich has informed me that my Mud and Blood supplement is undergoing review! Hopefully this means that it might be ready for publication in November. That would be great to see it get published.

As to figure painting, I have not held a brush in 2 weeks. The weather is starting to turn and it is time to pull in the paints from the garage before they freeze.


  1. A M&B supplement???? That's really news (and good indeed). Eagerly waiting to grab my copy!!

  2. I look forward to seeing it. What will it cover?

  3. It covers the initial battles from August to December 1941 fought by the Pasubio Division and the 80th Roma regiment in particular.