Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Present

Just got in my birthday present to my self. I bought the last 3 minis for my Romano-brits. They are perfect. I also picked up a big man for my picts. Great miniature pointing and holding an axe. While cruising thier web site, I found the next two must have miniatures. Bards. There is a harpist in both the Robin Hood snd Scots-Irish personality packs. These would add a some color to the force. No clue how to use them on a table. Now my birthday is not till Sunday. I am thinking of a contest. I think the most comments on this blog has been six. I will give away the persons choice of SCW, WWII or AWI 15mm miniatures for the 10th comment that has a useful painting, basing or terrain tip. The miniatures will be enough for a full squad of troops or a an armored. Vehicle. I will chech on this back on Sunday...


  1. Well I won't be No 10! looks like I'm 1st though!
    You didn't say which company the Bards come from? Outpost? Splintered light?
    As for a painting tip...........For 15mm figures after you've finished painting them paint over Peat Brown, Windsor and Newton writing Ink, this will bring the figures to life, wait until its dry then hand varnish, this will take off a lot of the ink, but leave it in the recesses, then varnish again. That's what I do for my 15's and what I will do when i get my Romano Brits!!

    1. Thanks. Do you think this is superior to the dip method (army painter or acrylic stain)?

      Silly of me. They are Splintered Light. In his historical section. Items IRISH01 and HOOD01. They look like they would do. Plus, if you e-mail them, they will sell an individual figure. That is how I have a Pict Big Man figure and the missing 3 levy.

    2. I think it is, the dips work well on 25's but not 15's. Take a look at a few of the NYW figures on my posts, they should give you an idea of the look. Why not give it a try if they sell the ink in the States that is? Individual figures, that's interesting to know.
      I found another 15mm company selling Late Romans and Saxon figures Legio, here's a link, but be prepared they are very nice looking!!!

  2. Happy birthday in advance, Chris;
    My tips:
    1) Never lick paint off your paint brush.
    2) Kittens make bad terrain features but attract spectators at a convention.
    3) You can use kitty litter for mini bases, rubbled buildings, etc, but new, unused kitty litter is best.
    More as I think of them.