Thursday, October 25, 2012

Maps and Confusion

I have been making some real progress with the CSIR supplement for IABSM and TW&T. However I am really struggling to find some period maps of the battles that were fought in 1941.

I have found a great site that has Heereskarte maps from wwii: While it has great maps, it lacks the index maps. Then I found this site: The second site is modern maps that match to the WWII versions.

These are great but an incomplete set of WWII maps. In particular, I am looking for the L-37-04 series maps. The WWII-Photos-Maps have several 1:50,000 maps as well as 1:100,000 maps. Ultimately what I would love to get would be 1:25,000 scale maps. That may be hoping for too much.

I have managed to get maps for Gorlovka (M-37-137A), Nikitowka (M-37-125C) and several others. What is confusing is the large number of towns in a relatively close area that all have the same names. The sheer volume of towns named Nikolajewka is just confusing.

Anyone know of any sites that would have these maps?

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