Friday, September 14, 2012

Pintrest - Who knew

I have spent months mocking my wife's interest in Pintrest. She spends countless hours on the site OHing and AHing over others ideas. Then I had a crash. Lost all of my bookmarks in Firefox. Guess who smugly told me that "if I had Pinned it, it would not be gone.

I kept my thoughts to my self as I like to sleep indoors. Then I poked around Pintrest. 99% of the site has no interest for me at all. However, viewed as a storage medium for my links and tracking ideas people have posted - this thing is great!

You can organize the links and it has proven itself to be pretty handy. Here is the link to my page. I don't think this has gotten much penetration into the Wargaming community. Taking a quick look, I found mostly Warhammer and the like but there was one nice Vietnam game of Force on Force pinned from an Italian site.

Who knows, maybe this will end up more than just something my wife does and I use to keep from loosing my bookmarks.


  1. Not heard of this, I'll take a look, tell the Mrs thanks!!

  2. Signed up, started to follow stuff. Might be useful, thanks fort he tip.

  3. Interesting. Many thanks for the link.