Friday, September 7, 2012

25K Page Views and 60 Followers!

Well I have been attempting to get caught up in reading the blogs that I follow and I noticed that I hit a milestone for this site. 25,000+ visits. That was a pleasant surprise.

I have been attempting to fight off a bad cold for over a week now. Because of this, very little work has been done on my miniatures. I did dip the last few of my Dux Britanarium figures last night. I managed to ruin one with my home made magic wash. Somehow the Future floor polish leached out of the mix and I ended up coating the figure in what looks like a heavy layer of mud. He has to go back into the repaint bin. I hate repainting.

What is left for my Dux armies? Good question.

1) Replace my Romano-British peasant levy with levy troops as described by the rules. I have half of what I need and need to order one more pack of Splintered Light minis to round them out. Also need to paint my Romano-British hero. Seemed to have forgotten him.

2) Get a pack of Khurasan Germans as a mercenary force to add to my troops (either side).

3) Get some cavalry for my Romano-British. I really like the Splintered Light stuff and want to have both light and heavy cavalry. I have a group of heavy Saxon cavalry that is even half painted already too.

4) Paint up some Picts. I have 3 Old Glory bags just sitting there waiting for some attention. They would initially serve as mercenaries and possibly raiders.

5) And lastly, more terrain. I want a few more hovels. Splintered Light sells 2 buildings. An 'A' Frame house and a rectangular one. I have the rectangular one and love it. Unfortunately, he seems to be sold out of both at the moment. I need some wattle fencing for my sheep, goats and cattle. (We run a kosher dark age farm on my gaming table.) And ultimately a mile fort for Hadrian's Wall and possibly a watch tower.

Anyway, a big thanks to all of you that stop by and read this and a huge thanks to all of you that comment.

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