Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dux Britanarium Updates

Well, I have managed to figure out both sides in my campaign. I have enough figures painted to begin. But I can't seem to get the time to get in a game. This is slightly frustrating.

I did manage to paint up the command pack of Outpost WarGames Services minis. The drummer, Dog handler officer and standard bearer all came out fairly well. I think I will use them in some sort of foederati force at some point. I did not paint up their shaman/wizard/diapered adult figure in his odd standing on one leg pose. I also have quite a few left over Saxons. I painted up a couple of them to provide the first round of possible reinforcements for the campaign.

Next up was some Saxon cavalry. I bought well over a year ago the marvelous Splintered Light Saxon cavalry pack. Before Dux came out, I did not know what kind of command elements were needed for cavalry. So I dutifully searched and found Outpost Wargames Services. I purchased their cavalry pack which had all of one pose - Man on horse holding arm up in air. It was up to you to put either a spear or a standard into the man's hand. I managed to paint up two of the SLM cavalry and promptly left them on a painting stick and stared at the OWS figures for months. I put some paint on them this past week and have started to like them a bit. The standard bearer is nice (apart from my terrible banner painting). The skull theme fits in nicely with the SLM standard bearers. I have only bothered to paint 4 of the 9 miniatures that I have. I will paint the other 4 SLM miniatures but the remaining OWS mounted figure will sit neglected.

Next I have painted up some actual levy troops for the Romano-British. I am missing 3 to complete out the force. That is a frustrating bit. But still, I think they are turning out OK.

The only item that I am actually missing is the Hero for the Romano-Brits. I finished this too. Along with a mounted version (the start of a cavalry unit to be made later) and a "merlin" figure. Not sure what he will be used for. I need to find suitable figures for bards for both the Saxons and Romano-Brits.


  1. Really nice minis despite its liliputian size

    1. :) What do you mean? These guys are giants compared to my 6mm stuff.

    2. Everything is relative... I look at them from the height of my 28mm collection

  2. Nice work Chris, I'm trying very hard not to buy some of these figures.

  3. Good looking minis, Chris. I agree that you need to get some more games in. Especially if they involve me getting to play Dux.