Thursday, October 22, 2009

This One's Split

My attention has once again been diverted. Derk has been working on some fantasy rules called "This One's Split." (see his blog: What interests me is that these seem to be a Lardy interpretation of what can be usable Dark Ages rules. Many moons ago, I purchased some Saxons and Normans in 10mm

I have started work on them again to get in a test game between my Normans and Saxons. While originally purchased to use with the Vis Bellica rules, I am basing these for This One's Split. So far I have three bases of Saxon Huscarls painted so far and three more bases of Great Fyrd as well. I am putting four bases of archers and another two of slingers on painting sticks.

For my Normans, alas, nothing is painted.

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