Friday, May 6, 2022

Woodland Indians

One thing I have been lacking is woodland Indians. I have enough for most scenarios but was a few short for some. So I have been scouring eBay for a while. I just happened to find a group of 11 painted woodland Indians online for a good price. I had a bid out on an entire French and Indian War French army just to pick up the dozen Indians within. Thankfully, I was outbid on that. Good for the seller too as the price went up quite a bit after my bid. But i did come up with a lot of 12 painted indians. They came three to a base on metal bases. They are a bit darker than they were in the ebay photographs. The basing is very different from my basing, but they get me closer to my goal.

The seller had another lot for sale but I had spent my money on STL models for ACW Ships. In all, very happy with the purchase.

Other news, Mark did a game at Gigabytes today. The table looked amazing. Can't wait to hear back from him.

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