Tuesday, May 10, 2022

War of Jenkin's Ear - Random Events

After Mark's recent playtest, I am convinced, I need to update the book with custom Random Events. The best part of their after action report was a random event that came up. Mark used his that he developed for the 2nd Seminole War. A wild Boar charged the Darien Scots who managed to get the pig for dinner. The cover that I put up yesterday was a picture from that random event.

The random events can really add period flavor. The ones in the core rulebook are fantastic. 80% of them apply almost universally. However, not all of them apply to the Southern Colonies in this period. For instance, "Hello Ladies" can work, but most scenarios are in spots where there won't be any ladies for the Big Men to attempt to woo. Several battles are just out in the woods. So I am looking to tweek the lists to have some more appropriate events for the battles.

Thanks to everyone who gave input on the cover. I will go back to the drawing board. I know what I want to try to do. Will see if it works out. The title is now "Colonial Georgia and the War of Jenkin’s Ear: July 1742" with a subtitle of "A Campaign on Land and Sea Utilizing Sharp Practice and Kiss Me Hardy". Hopefully I can clear the table of tree parts and get the cover setup.

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