Friday, May 27, 2022

Fort St Simons

I want to be able to model Fort St Simons, the shore battery and Delegal's fort for the naval battles that I am planning for the War of Jenkin's Ear. There are French drawings of Fort St Simons that are available. There are also descriptions of the fort available. What is interesting is that the French drawing, while really nice, has a scale measured in Pieds. A quick search on line gave me a measurement of 1 pied equals .324 meters or there about. Using the scale in the drawing I was able to calculate out the dimensions of the fort. to be able to attempt to model it.

I have some foam off cuts that I can try out to make the principle buildings. They were aranged in a rectangle in the center of what appears to be a palisade on top of an earthen mound. The buildings of the fort were made of tabby - a concrete made with seashells.

To better visualize the fort, I am also looking at renderings of the fortifications at Fort Fredrica where some of the structures have been preserved and there are remains to model. The national park service has an excellent book on Fort Fredrica available online (

In looking at the image of the fort, I am trying to figure out where they would mount the guns.

I am not planning on adding guns to the model, I am just curious where they would be placed.The intent is to try an cut some foam out this weekend and see if I can make something reasonable.

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