Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The War of Jenkin's Ear

Well the supplement is functionally complete. I am planning on running a scenario from this on the December 7th Games Day at Gigabytes. I'm happy with the supplement but it is not likely to get much in the way of attention being that it is a minor conflict and few manufacturers make dedicated figures for it. It needs editing and some pictures of games in play.

I am looking at my terrain supply and attempting to figure out what would be the best "modular" terrain to build up for this. I have a bunch of trees. Most of them are individually based or some groups on bases. But nothing that really represents thick and heavy woods. To correct that and in preparation for Infamy, Infamy, I decided that it is necessary to make some more.

The plan is to create a 12" by 12" stand of woods using a canopy method. I tried this once before and it was a miserable failure. Attempt number two will use self stick tile as the base and the previously created canopy as the top. I have a wooden dowel that I will cut into sections as the tree trunks to support the canopy. If this test works, I need to create 6 more of them.

Infamy, Infamy uses a really nice terrain generation system that gives you a set number of terrain pieces that are needed (hills, marshes, woods). These are diced for and you place them on the table. My thought is that this system would provide a nice variety of terrain items to allow me to set up most tables that I need. If my canopy method works, then having them with the individual trees should give me enough coverage to do most of the table layouts for the WOJE scenario book.

The thought is to have some smaller canopies and some oddly shaped ones so they won't all be 12" circles. This will allow for different configurations. Make some 6" diameter sections as well. The biggest cost with this should be the flock for the canopies. I know I can make flock but I just don't have that kind of hobby time to spend on it.

While thinking about this, is it worth the effort to take the pictures for a supplement that is not likely to be a commercial success? I feel I will be lucky to sell 20 of them. I may just throw them up on the Payhip store after editing.

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  1. David French is interested in WJE also. They had a history day on it at his museum I believe. What is the scenario planned for Dec 7?