Monday, November 25, 2019

All Along The Wall - A New Campaign.

Chapter 1 - Seeds of War

The Druid stirred the entrails in the bowl. "Yes," he cried out to the heavens. "It is time to begin."

He dipped his hand in the blood and moved to the chief who sat warily watching the proceedings.

The Madness in the Druid's eyes had the chief flinch back before he smeared the blood across his cheeks.

"Lugus has blessed you. The auguries have decreed your success. You will drive the invaders from the isle and lead a host, the likes of which have never been seen before. You must get the fork of Lugus. The invaders have placed it in a shrine to one of their pathetic gods. Hercu...something. You must sieze the treasure and the tribes will gather to you."

Frang Allanach looked the mad druid in the eye. He was bolstered by the promises. He knew others had been so tempted in the past. His father had told him the tales, but this felt different. His tribe was small. But if he could accomplish something great, the other tribes would flock to his banner. He could be king north of the wall and eventually unite the country again. It was so tempting.

"Ancient father, where should we start?" Frang asked.

"Take your tribe and attack their trade. The villages nearest the wall trade with the invaders. Give them spine by showing them how to attack. Free them from dependence on Rome's excesses and they will join you."

"Will you join me?"

"Not yet. There is much to do and prepare. Raid their commerce. Then meet with me again."


Centurion Lucius Tiburs readied his men. The Exploratores had brought back rumors of unrest to the north. Instead of the typical escort he decided to lead this one himself with most of his century. The merchants seemed dismissive of his caution but a little caution could go a long way.

His Auxilia were originally raised in Gaul but was largely Britons now. Replacements were taken from the local population. Near the fort was a numerous of sagitarii (archers). He managed to get a tent party assigned to the escort. He wanted cavalry, but that was a bit much to expect. Once the caravan was together, they marched out. There was a tent party in the lead acting as a skirmish screen. Two followed behind them in column. Then came the two carts of the merchants. The archers were deployed between the two carts. In the rear was the last two tent parties in column. With a shout, the skirmishers started out.

Lucius counted silently before issuing the orders to move out.


The Campaign

I am starting a test campaign of Infamy, Infamy. This is the set up for the campaign that I am running. The Romans are escorting a group of merchants to a village north of the wall. The Britons are trying to ambush them. The introduction above was my reason for the encounter. A tribal chief is tempted to greatness. The Romans have a different back story that will ultimately involve an entire cohort of Auxilia before this is all said and done.

The Infamy, Infamy play test rules have been a treat to work with. They have been great fun so far and I have gotten a couple of games in to try it out already. Hopefully, the next post will be the after action report of the battle.

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