Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Roman's for Dux - since 2014

I just went back and looked at how long I have been tinkering with Imperial Roman's and figuring out how to use Dux Britanarium with them. My first posts about it came out I 2014. Figures have languished for a while. Now they are getting attention again.

I've been on a buying spree and am waiting on the postman to deliver some new things.

So, what's new? Well, I have abandoned my mods for Dux B as Rich will be issuing a Sharp Practice Variant. Instead i am focusing on a campaign for the new rules. Based of course on my favorite Roman Fort at Saalburg. The campaign will put the Cohort against a German confederation. The Tribune of the fort has to manage his forces and assign them to the fort's outposts and deal with the ordinary tasks as well as defend against German raids. The German player must plot out raids and keep his confederation together.

This will give "century" sized games until the sides meet in battle. Reinforcements can be called on and allies can be raised. I have a good start on it but need Rich's rules before I can do much more. I spent some time thinking about formations and how troops would move through evolutions between them and the advantages each would convey. It has been a fun excersize.

Painting wise I now have 3 fully painted tent parties of 8 auxiliaries each. I have two more on the paint table and six skirmishers. In addition, I painted 2 optios, a centurion, two signifiers and two cornicens. And I painted a mounted Tribune. I had given away my previous command elements and am starting over. I need to buy another CB command pack that had the Tribune and servants.

Here are the most recent painting efforts. The Tribune needs more work. I don't like how the horse came out. Maybe once I spend time on the mane, I'll like it better. I wanted to try a white horse and I don't think it will work. The shields came out OK. Honestly, they are way better than I thought they would be since my hands can tend to shake.

The two based minis are ones I did back in 2014.

Another item I am working on is the support elements. Specifically, the civilians that accompanied the century into battle. Stretcher bearers, medics, water bearers and miles. This provides several support items that can be brought into combat for bonuses or help.

Next, i have the start to a Roman fort. I am planning on building a numerus fort (klienkastle) and the Saalburg wall and gate. I bought the Roman Seas fortification set and printed it out resized for 15mm. This will become a template for me to cut out some foam core and build it.

I bought the War and Empire Roman bath house. When it arrived, I was rather disappointed. I think it would be more suitable for 10mm models than 15s. Thinking of scratch building one of those as well.

Enough of a ramble.

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