Sunday, July 17, 2016

TFL Summer Special

Well, I did something wargames related today. I bought the TFL Summer Special. I am very impressed. It is full of good stuff. I now have such a backlog of things that I want to do, I will never get them done. All of my favorites are in there. Bag the Hun, Chain of Command, IABSM and of Course plenty for the New Sharp Practice.

Speaking of SP, I need to get a game in. I have all of the gear ready, just need to time to give the rules a spin. Hopefully, my health will start improving and I can change all of that.

In the works, I have a nearly finished Pint sized campaign (maybe quart sized is better since there are technically 2 campaigns in it) and a half finished 3rd AWI book. The new book is made specifically for SP2. I should start seeing work take shape on these soon enough.

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