Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Painted Miniatures

I finally finished some miniatures. First up is my group of Continentals. I only have six of them so far with an officer.

The second set of miniatures is a mule team for Sharp Practice supports. These are mostly for AWI but might work for the SYW if I ever get to those figures.

The last set is my engineers. Also for SP2 AWI. They are great figures but I really need 8 men and a leader but only have 7 with a leader. They are nice miniatures.

I did paint the remaining 4 figures for my mounted Militia. Also an officer for the mounted militia was painted. Then I have a preacher, a doctor, a dog and a guy and an ox that are plowing a field. The mounted militia is Peter Pig. The leader of the mounted militia is a scout from Peter Pig. The Preacher is from a Peter Pig ECW pack as is the dog. The doctor is a FIW civilian from Blue Moon. Nice tall rotund figure. The oxen and plow is also Blue Moon.

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