Friday, July 22, 2016

Building Kharkov Station

I managed to make a breakthrough with the design of Kharkov station. I found a pedestrian walkway that will work well with what I have in mind. I found a HO Scale plastic kit at a local train shop. Great shop by the way. It is around the corner from my house and they had lots of useful bits there.

The plastic kit is a snap together kit. That mostly works. But it will not be stable enough for the gaming table. I bought two of them and put them together. I had to trim part of one walkway to get them to join up. I need to break out the super glue and stabilize the whole thing.

I added a simple banner to one side of the walkway that reads "Welcome to Kharkov Station" or at least that is what Google Translate tells me that is. Who know what it actually says.

Next, I need to figure out how much train track I actually need. The intent is to copy this.

I won't be able to make it as huge as this. The Kharkov station walkways are covered. Mine are not. The intent is to have a section of walkway that spans two double track sections. I have some tile pieces that I intend to use as the medians where the walkways will rest upon. The tracks will be in the grooves between the sections of tile. One of the things in the picture is a covered canopy for waiting passengers to take shelter under in the case of a storm. I am debating on skipping that part.

The second picture above is of the station itself. It is a one story structure with a curved roof. Here is where my Game Craft Miniatures Government Building will step in. I will remove the second story and create a flat roof for the structure. Then using a pringles can, create the curved roof structure. I have some balsa wood blocks that I will make a clock tower with to have on one of the corners. I just hope my building skills are up to the challenge. If I can pull it off, the Government building will become even more versatile and can mimic several buildings with a simple roof change. Well, that is the theory anyway. I will pull the tile out later today and see if I can start laying out what the track sections will look like.

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