Monday, September 7, 2015

Kickstarter that I just joined in on and Other Things

I found this kickstarter and was suitably impressed with the 15mm offerings. Impudent Mortal has a very nice set of 15mm buildings that would work well for housing near an industrial quarter for my eastern front games. I plan on painting these accordingly.

Please check it out. They have both 28mm and 15mm sets in this kickstarter. It seems to have already more than reached its goal and they are due to come out this year. Click here for the kickstarter page: Impudent Mortal Kickstarter

Other Things

I found out this morning that the reason I am so tired is that I have a case of Strep again. To make myself feel better, I started some retail therapy. Really it was just adding items to my wishlist as I don't have any money to spend at the moment.

The first item that I found was a nifty little park in 15mm by a group called Finished Terrain. It looks to be a park surrounded by cobblestone and a hedge. It includes a fountain and a path across it. I want one.

The next item that I found was a nice little home with a pig sty on the back of it. It has a stair leading to a side door on the second floor. I think this could find a place either my east or west front games. It is a nice Four Ground building that comes prepainted. Something that I am getting increasingly interested in.

Maybe if I drop some hints, my wife I might get one of these for my birthday next month.


  1. That's nice terrain, wish list it is then!

    1. I think the park may actually be ESLO as they have one that is very similar. Anyway, it would be a nice addition to the table.