Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Santa Clause Administrivia

Well we are well on our way to launching. I am lacking some details from some of you. In particular, I lack a mailing address and a e-mail address from two participants:

Clint of http://clint-anythingbutaone.blogspot.com/
David Pike of http://smalltablewargames.blogspot.co.uk/

If ya'll could please shoot me an e-mail with the info to cstoesen at corecard dot com, I will have you sorted out.

The rest of you that I am missing information from, I have sent you a mail.

Currently, we are sitting at 16 participants. I was notified by several that they would not be able to rejoin this year due to changed circumstances. That I completely understand. 2015 has not been kind to me and my family but the year is not over yet, and there is still time to have a Merry Christmas.

Only one more day left to join in on the fun.

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