Friday, August 28, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing Game

I managed to play a game of the X-Wing miniatures game with my son this week. He wanted to be Luke Skywalker and had another x-Wing and a Y-Wing in tow. I had a three Tie Fighters and a Tie Interceptor. None were to special. I borrowed the collision rule from Check Your Six to use in the game. We ended up in a three way collision that had my best Tie fighter pilot explode. It was great watching my son learn how to play and think each move through. He was very protective of Luke Skywalker and after he lost his shields, Luke fled the field. This would cost him his Y-Wing as a casualty. His level 2 X-wing pilot had some very lucky dice and saw off another one of my Tie fighters before we ended the game for the night.

The rules really are fun. With the movement sticks and the range stick, it is easy enough for my six year old to grasp the basic rules. We had not added much of the chrome to it yet, but are still able to enjoy the game. If it was not for this game, I don't think I would have played much at all this year.

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  1. Hi Chris, its a great game and one I can play with my son as well. Easy to learn as well.
    Regards, Ken