Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TooFatLardies Summer Special

I started to think about the Summer Special. I try to write something for each of the Specials but I have been in a bit of a funk lately and just was not motivated. That is until last night. I actually now have three ideas. The first is a Bag the Hun scenario for North Africa in December 1941. The second is a Chain of Command scenario featuring the pacification of the Ein el Hilweh refugee camp in June 1982. It presents an interesting command challenge with Israeli armored formations holding off swarms of small RPG armed teams. The third is a scenario covering Colonel Elijah Clarke's failed attack on Augusta Georgia in September 1780.

Let me know if any of these sound more interesting than the other. I will focus on that one to make sure it gets completed first. Hopefully the muse has not struck too late and something can make it before the cutoff.


  1. Another vote for Augusta 1780

  2. Ein el Hilwel sounds interesting.

  3. Well 1780 made it. Ein el Hilweh did not. But I shall finish all of them and make the 1982 scenario available here.