Monday, June 30, 2014

New Book

I have been looking for a good background for a Chain of Command campaign. I wanted to do something on the Eastern Front in 1941. I have plenty of material to do one for the Italians in August/September but I wanted something much earlier. A little bit of Google-ing had me find the Battle of Brody in the first Month of the war. It was a huge battle that ranged over a 1800 square mile area. Within this space were some 650 German tanks and 180 Assault Guns against some 1500 Soviet tanks. The battle was a triangle between the towns of Lutsk, Dubno and Brody.< P> This is way too big an area to even try to fool with for Chain of Command. But surely there are lots of accounts of the fights that took place there, right? Honestly I have no idea. But thanks to, I have gotten the book The Bloody Triangle: The Defeat of Soviet Armor in the Ukraine, June 1941 by Victor J Kamenir. Since it just arrived, I have nothing really to say about it. It is probably at too high of a detail but I am hoping it will give me pointers to what I really need to look at.

Anyone have any recommendations for Regimental Histories or the like for this battle?

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