Monday, June 16, 2014

Other People's Giveaways and Progress


Sean is doing a giveaway at his blog for some Splintered Light Miniatures. These are for some of their fantasy Rat Men line. You can read more about it here. His blog is well worth a visit too. I do like his older banner though with the viking toddler on it.


In the early quiet hours of last Saturday morning, before the rest of he house woke up, I managed to start painting some 15mm DAK. I nearly go the first color on when the rest of the house got up and brought my painting to a quick and decisive end. On the plus side, my five year old asked when we could play miniatures again. With any luck, I shall reclaim the kitchen table once more. If I am not too tired tonight, I think i will paint a bit more.


  1. Thanks for the bump. Good to hear about some painting, and the five year old's interest. I miss the Viking toddler too.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your rendition of 15mm DAK.