Monday, December 16, 2013

More Roman Reinforcements Arrive

I placed an order with Eureka at the beginning of December and it arrived. I took advantage of the free shipping coupon that they were offering to get a sample of the AB and Museum miniatures offerings that they have. The miniatures look great. The AB are fantastic. My only gripe is that the AB Optio comes with the shield already attached. To get him to fit in with my Auxiliaries, I will need to file the thing into an oval. Not really what I want to do. Might just save him for a supporting role for some future legionries that may come along later. The AB are a good head taller than their Museum miniatures compatriots. They too come with the shield attached. The Museum boys look a tad under fed compared to the AB fellows as well.

In the picture above, the miniatures are from left to right: Museum miniatures Auxilia Infantry, signifer, cornicen, Auxilia centurian, Auxilia infantry 2, AB Optio, AB Centurian, AB Pilus Primus. I also wish I had received the second variant of the AB Centurion, the one without pony tails. Still, they are nice miniatures all around. I have to wait till I get home to see how they match with the Corvus Belli and Rebel Miniatures that I already have. Then I will decide what I will use to fill out the ranks of the 3 centuria that I want to model.

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