Thursday, December 5, 2013

Buying more Toys - The Roman Legions Grow

Eureka Minatures has offered a special for free shipping from Austrailia for the month of December if you are a subscriber to their newsletter. This seemed like a great time to try out some figures.

Image taken from here:

I had been eyeing some of the AB Romans for a while. I love their Napoleonics. The Romans looked as good in the pictures so I ordered a couple of sample figures, namely their Pilus Primus, Centurion and Optio figures. For some reason the line does not have any Auxiliary figures. But these looked like dandy big men. We will see how well they mix with Rebel and Corvus Belli Romans.

While cruising through their catalog, I saw that they sold Museum Miniatures from their website as well. I could not find any images of these figures anywhere. What interested me was that they had a variety of Auxiliary miniatures that included Auxiliary Musician, Standard, Centurian, Infantry. On the Eureka site, they sell these as individual figures. From Museum, they are sold as packs of 8. There are two different codes for Auxiliary Infantry so I am assuming that there are only two poses of these fellows. I will soon find out.

So I will have a force of Romans that is very command heavy at the moment. I have lots of command figures and now 2 infantrymen on order. My next order will be for a pack of the Rebel Auxiliary Infantry. Those look like they only have 2 poses as well. I will probably get a few packs of Corvus Belli as well. Ultimately I will need to get some packs of shields from Corvus Belli to make sure that shields matches between the units. Also I will only have to buy one type of shield transfer. According to the Red Rampant site, I probably want a shield that features an eagle with lightning bolts as the unit I want to model had Roman Citizens: Cohors II Raetorum civium Romanorum equitata.

I will start with the infantry and add some cavalry later.


  1. Chris, I may have some CB Romans I'm after parting with, bought for a projec that never took off. It's a fairly random collection of packs but I'd be happy to part with them for a good price.

  2. I can't find your email. Please contact me at cstoesen at scorecard dot com

    1. Got auto corrected. Chang scorecard to corecard.