Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Time and Time For a Sale

Its Christmas time. What a better time that now to offer up a sale. Besides, I still need to buy some presents myself. So here is the deal:

You can buy any of my books (In the Name of Roma, The Coming Thunder or The Falcon and the Gladiator) for just $8. If that is not enough, you can get all three of the above plus the original North African Air Campaign for $25.

To get the deal, do not use the BUY NOW buttons from the blog. Instead Paypal me the money directly and include Christmas'13 in the message some where. That will solve problems later. If you had already purchased one of the books from me this month, don't fret, you can still do the $25 deal. Just subtract what you have already bought this month from the total and send me the rest.

Still not sure if you think the books are worth the money, don't take my word for it. Look at the reviews.:

From Grant Dyck:
From Robert Avery: You may have to scroll down the page to find the review.
From the Itinerrant Hobbyist:
From Benito:
From Gary Amos:
And Ray Rousell:
Also I received a very nice review in a recent Miniature Wargames & Battlegames magazine (issue 368) from Neil Shuck on page 68.

From the For Sale page on my blog, you can also get more information including sample scenarios.

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