Monday, November 11, 2013

Welcomes and Updates

Its been a while since I caught up with some new folks joining. First up is Shaun. Second is mitch.kelly. From your profiles, I can't find a blog links for either of you. Thanks for joining. Updates
After the Terry Haney games day, I was in a slight funk not knowing what to work on next. Given that I did not get a chance to run my Bag the Hun game, I gave a look at my 1/600th aircraft miniatures. I had a Squadriglia's worth of MC.200s (9 of them), six SM.79s and nine Cr.42s. Well, these were still in the bags that I received them from Picoarmor in. I decided to assemble the MC.200s. Yep, assemble. The wings and fuselage came separate on these miniatures. That was annoying but they fit well enough. The CR.42s also came in two pieces. I only managed three of those before I grew tired of gluing. From the Stormo site I found a painting guide. I was able to figure out Vallejo equivalents and get started. The Cr.42s are some of my favorite aircraft. They will need something special but I really hate painting camo on aircraft or anything else for that matter.

I should have the MC.200s sorted out by the end of the week... possibly.

I started going through the aircraft that I have. I have 8 P-40s and 8 Hurricanes ready for service in the desert. I have enough extra aircraft to finish out a decent size unit each. I have no British bombers. I am thinking of getting some Blenheim Is and some Marylands to make up for that. For Germans, I have 4 completed Bf109Es. I have another 8 in various stages of completion and another 12 in bare metal. I also have a number of Ju87s as well. Some are nearly ready but they need some markings on them. Not sure if I am going to paint on the crosses or order some decals. I have no heavy bombers yet for the Germans. I probably won't get any. What I really want is some more odd Italian aircraft. Specifically the Ro.37, the Ba65 and a couple of sea planes. I have actually decided to paint up what I have before ordering any more aircraft. We will see how long that lasts.

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