Friday, November 1, 2013

New Toys

I have been looking for some boxes and barrels to use for jump off points. I found some boxes on the Rebel Minis site. I placed an order in the beginning of the week and they arrived today. Since I just could not resist, I ordered one pack of their Roman Command as well. Well, I am happy with the pack. The Cornicen and the Signifer are outstanding figures. I really like them. The two "officer" types are less than stellar. The way they both grip their swords just looks awkward to my mind. The helmetless fellow seems better to me than the one with the odd helmet.

Here is a blurry pic from my phone. I am willing to give another of their packs a try. These will go towards my Germanic Limes project. They will go to the back of the painting table for the moment.

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