Saturday, November 23, 2013

Projects Gaining Momentum

I have two projects that I have been tinkering with lately. The first is a Zulu War/Ninth Frontier War project. Well, I just committed to buying some miniatures for this. I decided to go the 10mm route. I picked up the Pendraken Zulu packs that are available. That gives me 30 Zulus, 10 command figures and a chief. A way top heavy organization at this point but there will be more sooner or later. I think the scale will give a very nice mass effect and allow me to field hundreds of them on the table at once. We will see how this develops. Buying them is one thing. Getting them painted is something else entirely.

For the Zulu project, the next order will be from Steve Barber miniatures with their Zulu starter pack. Who knows, maybe after Christmas. Anyway, I have two scenarios fleshed out for the Ninth Frontier War that I need to game out. We will see how it works.

Next up is my Germanic Limes project. I have picked up the Rebel Miniatures command pack a while back that just this week got an undercoat of paint on it. I also just ordered the two Corvus Belli Command packs form the War Store. Again, very top heavy at this point as I have NO troops, just leaders. I will flesh them out at some point but this will be just a trial run to begin with. Corvus has some really nice packs that I want. The marching troops with mules and their excellent ballista with cart are on my want lists. But those are future things. I need to come up with some infantry first.

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