Thursday, July 18, 2013

Terrain Blues and Avoiding Maps

I have been struggling to finish painting some terrain. I am staring at my warehouse building. It is sitting there about 1/4 painted. The building is so flat I am just not sure how to spruce it up. I used some ink on my tin roofed building and it has severely changed the look of the building and I am not sure if it is for the better. Lastly, I purchased some more fencing on e-bay. The attraction was that the fence pieces were painted and flocked. Well the fences are fantastic. But the guy used a static grass on them that does not match the flock I have been using on my few painted items. So I have had to spend a day scrapping static grass from the bases, repainting and reflocking. Hmmm... That did not work out as convenient as I thought it would.

Still, things are moving. I hope to finish the Matt Varnish of the one building tonight. I may even finish off some more fence pieces. I have five left of that order to do.

As for avoiding maps, well I have four left to finish. I managed to start one of those 4 today. Not sure if I am going to get it finished today.


  1. I needs things like signs, posters or hoardings/bill boards. A couple of patched sections on the roof would help. Lettering on the chimney, outline the windows to give the impression of frames - anything to give a little colour or texture to break up the monotony.

    1. That is tempting. But I have not seen that kind of thing in any of the period pictures that I have been looking at for the Ukraine. The patched roof - that is a winner.Framing the windows would be good too. Thank you sir. That helps a bunch.

  2. Replies
    1. I would but instead of being in the 90s+ here it has been a relatively cool summer in Georgia. You can still cut the humidity with a knife....