Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sprucing up the factory

Taking a few minutes to breathe, I have decided that my rather vanilla looking factory needs something. I was recommended to add a patch to the roof. That was done easily enough but it still lacks something. My wife asked "Well, what about a sign saying what factory it is?" Well duh. I should have thought of that. So breaking out the virtual crayons, I have been busy attempting to figure out what to call stuff.

So off to Mr Google's wonderful translator. The first was something rather plain - Gorlovka Steel Works which worked out to: "Горловка Ϻеталлургический Завод". That seems simple enough. But making a sign that just says that would be.... boring. So back to Google to find something suitably officious. With that attempt, I came up with this.

A little more thinking and I decided that I can do better. Make the signs so that they can be removable and I can use this for different stuff. So I scratched my head and came up with this.

Завод Детского Питания - Baby Food Plant


Государственный Индустриальный Завод - State Industrial Plant

and because I just read the recent Stephen Hunter book Даллас Kнигохранилища - Dallas Book Repository.

Anyway, I would probably drop the text from the image and just print it and center it on the building. But how to mount. My thought is to glue some steel washers to the back of the signs. Then use magnets on the back to hold them in place. Anyway, its a thought.


  1. Magnets on the buildings and metal sheet signs is the way I intend to go. Do a search on youtube, there might be a nice tutorial out there.