Sunday, July 7, 2013

GameCraft Miniatures Warehouse Arrived

My Gamecraft Miniatus warehouse arrived yesterday. It is a beautiful and large building. My only gripe is the same with any of the MDF buildings, they are some assembly required. I did not let that daunt me and immediately set to work.

The kit comes flat with all the pieces laying together. There are two large doors for a loading bay. The smaller, human sized doors are not included.

The first step was to clue the main part of the building together. That was relatively easy. I used a wood glue but I later received an e-mail from Game Craft that said Super Glue would have worked just fine. That is good to note for the future. Next was to get the roof together at the correct angle. I glued some scrap wood cut into a triangle between the two roof halves so I would be able to have a removable roof for games.

The kit does not come with interior walls. These will have to be fashioned myself. I was trying to figure out what to do for this. I guess I need some sort of office area and then the open factory floor area.

Next step is priming the building. Game Craft recommends an automotive primer to prevent warping. I will see what I have availible and get some work done on it tonight. I hope to have at least the outside painted this week.

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