Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Slow Year

2013 has proven to be slow moving hobby wise. The good news is, it is starting to heat up. This weekend I have a game of Dux Britanarium coming up. I am thinking of experimenting with a 3 sided game. I will post again by Sunday with what happened.

Also I plan on painting up my new airplanes for Algernon. What I actually have accomplished was a couple of additional scenarios for my CSIR campaign. I also decided to submit an article to Battlegames. Hopefully, it will be accepted.

My intention is to paint up some more 15mm figures. I need to paint some 1) Reinforcements for Dux, 2) CSIR Italians, 3) AWI Loyalists, 4) WWII Russian Support troops and 5) Picts for Dux.

I need to get some more terrain going as well. For some reason each time I go to start, something gets in the way. Need to fix that.

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