Monday, January 28, 2013

The Corpo Aeronautico Militare Arrives

Waiting at my door for me when I got home today was a pair of Nieuport 10s from Shapeways. The aircraft are very nice, even better than the lovely models of the Eindecker IIIs.

I am looking to paint these up for the 1a Squadriglia Caccia of early 1916. I looked on Wings Palette but they only have 2 examples of the Nieuport 10 in Italian use and neither were for this squadron.

Any ideas?


  1. Hey Chris:

    Hope things are getting better for you. I have no knowledge on Italian aviation of any period, but I am curious to know how the Shapeways models work out for you. What I've heard on the TFL list about prepping and painting them is intimidating.

  2. I brushed on a bunch of future floor polish after washing them. Then Spray primed them black. I really did not have that much trouble painting them after that. The only thing holding me back is some decals as I just can't paint up the little crosses and roundels. All in all, I like these aircraft. My eindeckers are my favorites. I will need to get some of the lewis guns to mount on the two Nieuport 10s.