Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Things have been going rather slowly lately. I missed out on a game over the weekend that Mark hosted. That was disappointing.

In addition, I have gotten no painting done. I have four Briton levy troops that are 80% done. I also have a noble for a Pict force also in an 80% state.

What I did manage was to lay out a force of Saxon Foederati troops of about three groups of warriors. These should be an interesting mercenary force for Dux Britanarium.

I have barely done any work on my CSIR campaign. It still sits at what I think now is about 60% done. I did manage to write an article that I submitted to Battlegames that may end up in Wargames Illustrated. Just waiting on what Mr Hyde has to say.

Lastly, I started an article on running a multi-player campaign. It is a work in progress that I hope to finish shortly and use in my current campaign.


  1. I'm looking forward to that article on multi-player campaign!

  2. And I am looking forward to seeing those Saxons on the table.