Friday, November 16, 2012

Plans for 2013... Already!?!

Recently on the TooFatLardies Yahoo group someone floated the question on plans for the year that folks have been providing all sorts of answers to that have been fun to read. My first thought was "shouldn't this be done in December right after Christmas?" Like seeing Christmas lights out and ON before Thanksgiving, it just felt too early. Then the more I read the more I realized how little I will probably accomplish on my 2012 to do list before this year runs out. Hmmmm.....

With that terrible thought, I was left with what should I try to have done by next year.

Number 1 - Finish writing the CSIR campaign for IABSM and Troop, Weapons and Tactics. I have nearly the whole of the historical section done. It follows the Italians from August 1941 all the way into December of 1941. It is up to but not including the Christmas battle.

Number 2 - Finish off my 15mm Terrain for the East Front. In the past month I have done more towards this than ever before. I have painted a burned out isba and a ruined shop. I still have the JR Miniatures ruined cafe and some other JR miniatures ruined building to go. All of my painted buildings need "dipping" and some more detail work before they are really table ready. What I really want to do is add to this. Ultimately, I would like another three burned out isbas and at least 3 more burned out buildings plus a rail station and a warehouse/factory.

Number 3 - Take some pictures of my East Front stuff and some of Mark's 6mm East Front stuff to go into the supplement. Yep, I am looking to add pretty pictures to it this time. Actually, this may be a good time to mention it. I would be willing to take submitted pictures from any of your collections to go into it if you are willing/interested. I will give you full credit for it as well. While I am on it, I could use a play tester or two as well....

Number 4 - Self publish my CSIR campaign. My goal it to sell 150 copies this time. That would hit a record for me personally and I would be thrilled to see that happen.

Number 5 - Play more games. I spend so much time researching and painting, but not nearly enough time playing games. I say this every year.

Number 6 - Submit another article to SOTCW. Not sure what about. Number 7 - Finish painting my Dux Britanarium Picts. Well, that is plenty. If I can get 1 through 4 done by the end of the 1st Quarter 2013, it will be a success.


  1. Funny #7: I've been a loyal SOTCW member since early last decade and every year I promise myself to write an article for the magazine... still thinking

  2. Well, my plans are:
    1- buy more minis and rules.
    2,3,3,5,6,and 7- same as 1.

  3. I look forward to your CSIR campaign. I will be more than happy to help you get to 150.