Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Looking to thin the Bookshelves

I have a bunch of books that I need to clear out. Most are from my research on the East Africa Supplement that I did a while back (They Call this a Picnic).

I am looking for $20 a piece for these plus shipping. If interested, please e-mail me off list cstoesen at corecard.com. Any interesting offer will be considered.

Michael Glover. 1987. An Improvised War: The Abussinian Campaign of 1940-1941. Leo Cooper: London.

Great overview of East African Campaign.

Guy Campbell. 1986. The Charging Buffalo: A History of the Kenya Regiment. Leo Cooper: London.

Covers the unit history up to 1956.

Peter Cochrane. 1977. Charlie Company: IN Service with C Company 2nd Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 1940-1944. Chatto & Windus.

Covers from the Desert to East Africa to the Gothic Line. Good Book.

Denis Bloomfield-Smith. 2005. Fourth Indian Division Reflections: Memoirs of a Great Company. New Delhi: Reliance Publishing House.

Various reflections of the division that include Operation Battleaxe, East Africa, Cassino and even Peacekeeping operations in Greece.

James Ambrose Brown. 1990. The War of a Hundred Days: Springboks in Somalia and Abyssinia 1940-1941. Johannesburg: Ashanti Publishing House.

Fairly detailed account of the South Africans in East Africa.

R.T. Kerslake. 1997. Time and the Hour: Nigeria, East Africa and the Second World War. London: Radcliffe Press.

W. V. Brelsford. 1990 Reprint of 1954 edition. The Story of the Rhodesia Regiment. Bromley: Galago Publishing Ltd.

Covers both world wars.

John Nunneley. 2001. Paperback. Tales From the King's African Rifles: A Last Flourish of Empire. London: Cassell & Co.

Covers East Africa and Burma.

Brayton Harris. 1965. The Age of the Battleship: 1890-1922. New York: Franklin Watts, Inc.

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Chris Stoesen

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